Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy using me for your text and rich media messaging needs. I’m free, I don’t advertise, and I can talk to your contacts on SMS even if they don’t have me on their phone.

What does WIZ Messenger do?

Free messaging with no advertising

  • Send & receive rich media messages to WIZ users anywhere in the world for free
  • No ads mean more screen real estate for your messages, longer battery life, lower data usage, and none of your information (such as your location) shared with advertisers

Group chat

  • Easily set up groups and start group chats with up to 50 people
  • Add people on the fly to group chats
  • Save groups for instant re-use later

SMS support

  • Send and receive messages to SMS users who don't have WIZ
  • Keep all of your current SMS messages as they are imported automatically when WIZ is installed
  • Have SMS messages routed to/from WIZ so that all your messages are in one place
  • SMS messages are charged at your (and your contacts) existing SMS rate plan

Rich Messaging

  • Send pictures inline so recipients see them immediately in your message
  • Easily add over 700 emoticons to your messages
  • Know when your message has been delivered and read
  • If feature implemented: Send your location as a link in a message and your friends can see where you are on their smartphone's map app like Google Maps or Bing Maps

Online status sharing

  • Online status only shared with selected contacts
  • Override/set your online status for privacy
  • Automatically find out when your friends join WIZ


  • Read receipts can be restricted to favorite contacts, or not at all
  • Phone number and other private data not shared without consent
  • Group chats do not reveal your phone numbers
  • All messages are encrypted with HTTPS keeps your messages private
  • No information shared with advertisers
  • Your address book/contacts stay with you on your phone. We don't store them on our servers. Integration with your smartphone
  • Your contacts and all your previous SMS messages are automatically imported into WIZ when you install it to you're ready to go out of the box. No empty islands here
  • Call people directly from WIZ (using your existing phone voice plan and dialer)

Technical Stuff

  • Fast and reliable delivery of messages on a business-class messaging cloud powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Extensive use of Push notifications and no advertising save your battery, lower your data usage, and keeps your information private
  • Offline messaging for when you do not have an Internet connection. Messages are queued and are automatically sent when you re-connect to the Internet.
  • Super reliable and persistent message delivery ensures your messages get through and aren't lost.